Why you work, why you sweat, why you bleed,
why you do what you do—That’s why people love you.
That’s your story. And it’s a story worth telling.

Everyone wants to be a part of a bigger story.
Why not invite your audience into yours?

Our Mission


To tell the stories of businesses and brands in the social world

At Campfire, we think it’s your story that sets you apart. Anyone can do what you do, but it’s your story that makes you stand out. And everyone has a story to tell.

Campfire is designed to help you tell the story—a better story—for your brand. We come alongside your business to help you discover your narrative and start the conversation around it. Using social media, video, photography, and written content, Campfire will help your brand engage with the online community and keep the conversation going.



We are a team of believers & creators, living to tell stories that matter.