Build brand engagement in your sleep

Marketing is, in part, the art of attracting attention: a great photo, engaging video, or quippy line of copy can catch our eye for one shining instant. If within that instant, we have a strong emotional reaction to the interaction, it stays with us a little longer; or if it makes us feel nothing, it fades immediately into the ambient roar of the marketing messages competing for our attention 24/7. 


As an audience, we give and take back our attention all day long. We understand the finite nature of attention: there’s only so much you can give. As marketers, we have to not only understand how to create that attention-grabbing moment, but also how to turn that precious attention into a relationship before the moment is lost in the void.


Conversations turn attention into relationships. And, as relationships are necessarily engaging, they lead to greater engagement. Established, engaged relationships create trust; the kind of trust needed for someone to enter their credit card info and make a big purchase on your website. The larger the purchase, the more established the relationship needs to be.


So how do we build those relationships? Create, and join, the conversation. Staying a part of the conversation is the piece that many brands struggle with. After all, social media is “on” all the time. It’s global, paying no heed to your time zone’s 9-5 business hours– it’s nine o’clock somewhere. How do you stay engaged around the clock? The prospect is overwhelming enough to make anyone quit before they begin.


You have better things to do with your work days (and evenings at home) then keep a constant, weathered eye on the comments section. We created social media monitors to turn attention on your brand into a relationship. No bots, no autoresponders– real humans. We take on the voice of the brand, respond to questions, re-share relevant content, and consistently engage on the platform to give your brand a personality people can feel and respond to. Maybe it isn’t literally happening while you sleep (monitors do need sleep, too, since they’re, you know, not bots), but you can rest easy knowing that someone is regularly logging in and methodically building your brand’s engagement while you do… anything else you want!


Monitoring can help turn a stagnant feed of impersonal posts into an activated online space where everyone is talking about your brand. And the best part? You don’t have to be tethered to your phone to make sure your brand is engaged in the conversation. Campfire’s monitors free up your time so you can focus on the aspects of your business in which you want to be engaged. Get in touch to learn more about how Campfire’s social media monitoring services can organically boost your brand’s online presence.