Building Your Tribe

April 22nd, 2016 by Campfire Social

You’re known by the company you keep.

How many times did you hear that phrase growing up? Maybe from your parents? Or your teacher? At your church? Or in the lyrics of a Dolly Parton song (yes, a Dolly Parton song—look it up!)?

As cliché as it sound, we actually think it’s a mantra worth adopting for your business. When it comes to your brand, what kind of clients do you want to be known for working with? What kind of company do you want to keep? Or to put it our own terms: who do you want around your fire?

That’s one of the very first questions we asked as at team at Campfire. And honestly, it’s a question we’re still asking—one we’ll probably keep asking as long as we’re in business. Seriously, it’s that big of a deal to us.
Why? Because we believe the tribe you build around your brand is crucial to its identity. That’s why we want to fill the seats around our fire with clients who represent the things we believe in and whose brands promote what we love.

For us, that means a tribe of people who are…

Positivity Promoters: We want to represent brands that put out positivity and add value to the online conversation. We believe those are the people who have the potential to make a major impact on the world.

Clever Creators: We believe in the people who are creating new and exciting things. We want to represent brands that provide beautiful, elegant, and interesting products and services.

Change Makers: We want to connect in conversation with clients who are focused on making an impact. They are positioned to make change in the conversation and community.

Before you go any further with your business, stop and ask yourself who you really want around your own fire. Consider what you want to be known for and ask yourself if the people you’re inviting into your tribe represent those same ideals. Choose clients that will contribute to the identity you want to build for your brand. And then focus on building the identity of theirs in turn.

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