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V I S I O N:
Campfire is a type of company that has yet to exist. Not necessarily in the services we offer our clients, the content we create or the videos we shoot, but more so from an internal perspective. We are a team of believers & creators, living to tell stories that matter. While we take pride in the work we produce, we firmly believe that our culture is our strongest asset. We aim to be known by the care, concern and love we have for every person a part of Campfire. Our goal is to create the type of business that values the essence of a team, is driven by experiences and is passionate about creating.

We want to be defined from the inside out, not the outside in.  


W H O   W E ’ R E   L O O K I N G   F O R:
Three words: GET ‘ISH DONE. This role is for a person who is hungry and eager to see projects to completion. This person must possess problem solving skills, but also observe problems before they arise and proactively address them. Likewise, we’re looking for someone who is willing to ask questions and seek clarity as projects progress. We want a self-starter who’s excited about new opportunities and desires to not only join our company, but also to grow our company while investing in our team-centered culture.


J O B   D E S C R I P T I O N:
The primary focus is operations and client relations, including overseeing and scheduling photo/video shoots, posting and internal coordination on projects from start to finish. The person in this role will work closely with our president and our clients. This person is aware of all ongoing projects and is able to keep the team on schedule and provide updates internally as needed. This person commands authority naturally and is able to make crucial decisions independently. Ability to manage all tasks and responsibilities, while simultaneously being able to prioritize those tasks and responsibilities.

R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S: 
– Responsible for overseeing accounts on a month-to-month basis
– Scheduling and assigning project deadlines
– Client communication (including, but not limited to: social updates, progress, reporting process)
– Communicate client work to a team of photographers, videographers and writers
– Willingness to address and resolve conflicts as they arise
– Look for ways to better our process
– Look for ways to love on our clients and make their experience better

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