What We Do

We specialize in social branding for growing companies & brands. Over the last six years, Campfire has a proven track record of growing social platforms and achieving sustained success and client retention.


Your brand is what your customers say about it when you’re not in the room. If that’s true, then we want to make sure the story they’re telling about your brand is the right one! That’s where Campfire Partners comes in.

Partners is designed to come alongside your brand to write your unique story. We do this by understanding your customer and the specific value your brand can bring to them. That’s the story you want them to be able to tell. Then, we make sure that everything is in alignment by going beyond what other agencies do. We marry sales and marketing to grow your brand and write a new story.

Services Applied:
Fractional CMO/CBO
Web, brand, & social audits
Email marketing strategy
Online course development
Product development
Long-term strategy development
Internal marketing strategies

“There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk.”

– Ron Swanson

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