Our Team

When you work with Campfire, you get a team of partners who treat your brand like our own. A team who wants to see possibility turn to reality for your company. A team who will work to see you expand your influence, amplify your impact, and increase your revenue as you grow.

We’re your biggest fans.

"Being a father has taught me the most in life. I want to be the person my daughter thinks I am."

Mack Kitchel


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

Jack Fussell

Brand Strategist

"Making my way downtown, avoiding rice bowls left and right."

Emily Rue

Account Manager

"Complex & refined pallet of Chikên Ñeu~gęts."

Morgan Sangster

Project Manager

"My dog's name is Tatertot"

Jadee Wolfe

Project Manager

"My hair is awesome and I love 30a. #saltlife"

Caleb Jones

Environment Photographer

"Galaxy Quest is the greatest film ever made, you can’t change my mind."

Hayley Brown

Copywriter / Story Developer

"I love putting words to the visions blooming inside of people."

Sara Shelton

Copy Writer

"I'm 99% sure I can sing better than you, but I like crappy coffee."

Alyson Nash

Social Monitor


MK McCoy

Account Manager


Jessica Kitchel

Accounts Receivable / Payable


Joe Yates



Maddie Minor

Graphic Designer

"You will find me doing superhero stuff or wandering in the woods."

April Smallwood

UI/UX Designer, Developer


Anna Murphy

Graphic Designer

“The pessimists are usually right, but it’s the optimists who change the world.”

-Simon Sinek