Which social media platform is the best?

The social media landscape grows and evolves consistently.  If you Google, “Which social platform is the best?” every article you read will say something different.  It quickly gets overwhelming and leaves us confused as to where we should invest our time, money and energy.

So which platform is worth investing in?  Here’s the definitive answer… it all depends.  Probably not the definitive answer you were looking for, but here’s why: it depends on your brand and your audience.

The first big question to answer is “Who is our audience?”. Each social platform has a different target persona attached to it.  The audience on TikTok is radically different from the audience on LinkedIn.  So the key question is who is the key decision maker that you need to reach and which platform are they likely to engage on.

The second question is, “Where are you best suited to communicate?”  Some brands are highly visual, some are message heavy, others are driven by a personality who excels on video.  Brands always perform better on whichever platform is best aligned with their style.

Social platforms aren’t magical.  Simply being active on a platform doesn’t result in an increase in engagement.  They’re digital pathways that require strategy and execution to be successful.  When done right they create magic and are worth every investment made.