A great story is worth repeating.

Tap into the human inclination to share stories and you win more than just customers.

“Have you seen that ad with…?” “I heard the funniest thing the other day!” “Did you read that article about…?” You know the feeling. You just saw, heard, or read something that made you laugh, cry, or gasp and now you’ve got to tell someone else about the experience you just had. That instinct is innate. Humans are natural storytellers. It’s how we make sense of our world, connect with others, and remember information. Some stories only make it through one telling, but the ones that really strike a chord can get told over and over and over again. 

Stories that elicit an emotional response prompt action, whether that is retelling the story to someone else, or making a purchase– and therein lies the art of marketing: tell a story that brings your audience into conversation with your brand. 

With Social Branding, the opportunity for conversation with your audience is quite literal, and a phenomenal opportunity to build familiarity and trust with your target customer that should not be overlooked. And when your target customer trusts your brand, they tell the story of your brand to their network, and nothing converts quite like a word-of-mouth recommendation. That’s why it’s vital to tell a story worth repeating through your Social Branding.

So what makes a story so good that we have to tell others? How do we craft those stories that elicit emotional responses and prompt tangible actions? At Campfire, we break it down into the key components that all great storytellers share and turn that into a Social Branding strategy:

Who is the audience?

  • Where are they? What are they facing? What do they live, and what do they fear?

What is the reaction we want?

  • Pixar always starts with the end: are we crying? Do they want us to laugh? Is it a time to reflect or cheer? If you know where we’re headed, you can craft a story that brings us there with the greatest impact.

What is the “why?”

  • Why does this story need to be told now? What about it is worth sharing? There’s something within the story that holds value: a secret, an insight, something to celebrate.

Too many brands see social media as another spot to place one-way advertising instead of what it really is: 

An opportunity to engage with the customers they’re trying to reach, increase brand trust, and learn from audience feedback. When so much of what is posted on social has a lifespan of minutes, making a real connection through stories and conversation is what breaks through the noise and keeps your audience engaged with your brand.

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Get started here and take the first step toward telling your story online. For more information email: Mack@campfire.social