The metrics of success

Assessing the impact behind the numbers.

You’re likely familiar with the “vanity metrics” of social: how many likes on that post, how many followers did we gain this quarter, etc. But too often we focus on the numbers themselves and not the story behind them. And hey, if all that mattered were the numbers, buying likes would make a lot more sense.

So why don’t we buy likes? 


Bought likes don’t reflect true brand awareness or audience trust. 


While we believe in the utility of metrics and run reports like anyone else, we also lead our clients to consider their larger objectives and assess how the social strategy is supporting those goals. 


Social is a tool that does two huge things for a brand:

  1. It raises awareness.
    No matter how amazing your product is, people can’t buy it if they don’t know about it. Simple, but profound.
  2. It earns trust.
    Through the visibility and engagement of social, you give your audience ample information to decide whether to buy and if this is the right product from the right people.


So when you’re measuring the ROI of your social branding, look past the numbers and consider the story you’re telling your audience: is your content expanding awareness and engendering trust? In our experience, when your content is hitting those marks, the numbers will rise.


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