Don’t Put Your Cart Before Your Horse

When it comes to effective marketing, there is one key ingredient most brands and companies tend to forget if they want to be successful on social media. 


If we break it down, social media seems simple..

Start an account

Create content with videos and photos

Post the content 

Watch as comments, likes, and new followers start to roll in.


Easy enough, right? This is what brands ask us to do every day. The reality is, while digital marketing seems this simple, these steps leave out a major ingredient that takes your online presence from ignored white noise to memorable storytelling. The key ingredient to successful brand marketing starts with strategy.

Most businesses reach out to us because they want to see immediate results meaning more followers, likes, and a growing brand awareness. However, before you can obtain any of this good stuff, you must create a strategy. This is a plan that sets the tone for everything you post, from the best platform to the content you create. We view strategy as the glue and centerpiece for successful execution and better results. 

When it comes to a social media strategy, here are four ideas we help to nail down:

  • Understanding the unique needs of the customer. What problem are you trying to solve for your audience and customers?
  • Defining the unique value of the brand.  How does your service or product make your customer’s lives easier and what are you doing differently than any other brand?
  • Determining how to use “creative” to bridge the gap. The content you post matters because it sparks engagement with your customers. An intentional strategy with creative elements is key for building a brand that connects you to your target audience.
  • Execution of the creative strategy. Execution is more than just hitting “post” on Instagram. When it comes to strategy, there is a rhyme to the reasons for the best time to post, how often, and on which platform. The approach to managing your social media accounts must be driven with purpose in order for your brand to grow and see the results you desire. 


It’s tempting to jump to the last step because you want immediate engagement and traction. Don’t put your cart before your horse. Your cart is your strategy. Your brand is the horse. With an effective strategy, your brand becomes a lifestyle. A desire. A household name. But it’s all about trusting the process and our job is to help you dream, plan, create and execute.

We’re the expert guides building an ecosystem for your brand. Where do we start? With a strategy, of course.