Keep Your Hands Off My Momma, Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos – Quality Over Quantity

October Article | Campfire from Campfire Social on Vimeo.

We always love a challenge that gives us a problem to solve. So, here’s a good question. Which is better, a brand with a highly engaged following of 100, or a brand with a disengaged following of 100,000? When it comes to social media, a few passionate believers in your brand will have far greater impact than a crowd of lukewarm followers who don’t engage.  


But, why does this matter? Because what your brand values determines how you play the (social media) game. Sheer volume of noise and frequency used to be the major factors that determined success. Popular or big brands would “win” and get noticed by out shouting the competition. A $5 million Super Bowl commercial was all it took to draw attention. 


As consumers and customers, we want to follow brands we believe in and feel connected to, not the ones who are the loudest or the flashiest. Noise is abundant but attention is scarce. Most of your audience is on social media and how you’re choosing to leverage your influence matters. Brands build loyalty through meaningful storytelling, creating an effective strategy with ecosystems, and producing content with a personality built to connect. 


Gain a following by connecting your followers to the story, mission, and purpose of your brand. If you want to succeed, stop tracking the likes and track the conversations. Start paying attention to how many people share your content and track how many people create UGC (user-generated content). The analytics don’t lie. 


What we’re trying to say here is that you don’t need $5 million dollars and the nation’s attention to tell stories that create brand awareness and connect with the heart. What you need is a creative plan, an effective strategy, a purposeful mission to solve the problems of your customers and team to help you get there. 


The (Super Bowl) game of social media is all about connections, and those brands whose purpose is to connect with their loyal fans will win, every time.