Rock the Boat

In the world of digital marketing, noise is abundant and attention is scarce. The beautiful thing about the internet is we have the ability to grow and reach a global audience. However, the issue is that every brand has the same access and competition exists beyond a local zip code. It’s no longer sustainable to capture attention for a moment because viral doesn’t build an audience. A single trending ad won’t move the needle because it lives in a sea of constantly trending ads. So, how do we capture and hold the attention of a global market? A brand needs an ecosystem. 


An ecosystem is what establishes sustainable growth for your branded content. It is the foundation in which you engage with your audience by sharing who you are, what you do, and why it matters. 


Without the elements of a solid ecosystem, your brand is just existing in the sea of content. It’s time to rock the boat and move from viral to sustainable. Check out how we build a client’s ecosystem below.



Most brands begin with a presence on social media. There are multiple options and various combinations of platforms, but the main purpose is to connect with your audience. Social works well because it’s a low investment and a great place to target your ideal audience.


Creating content is a great way to add personality to the brand. It gives the brand a voice and allows us to establish point-of-view and expertise. Whether it’s blog posts, white papers, Youtube videos, Reels or TikToks, creating content plays a vital role in the customer’s journey.


Email continues to be a major player in the marketing ecosystem. The new wave of email marketing is less about the hard sale and more about gathering and resourcing the tribe. The key is to invest in those who gather around the brand to build loyalty and this is an audience you can own. 


What does your tribe need and how can you position yourself as the solution to solve their problems? Every sale is an additional connection point towards building loyalty with your customers. Another key part of the sale is the experience of delivery. What is the experience the packaging provides? How easy is it to purchase from your website? These answers matter and make a difference.


This element of the ecosystem is what helps your brand stand out. It’s not an isolated part of the system and is built into everything we do as a brand. We strive for everything to be memorable and shareable because it’s the key to developing raving, loyal fans who will organically share the experience you curate with their circle.


When the digital noise is abundant and attention remains scarce, Campfire will design an ecosystem that best fits your goals to help you engage with your audience. We don’t just want your brand to exist in the sea of content, we want to help you reach new markets, grow in your existing space, and share what matters most using a tried and true strategy.