How to get 10k followers in a month

The easiest way is to buy them.  That’s right, you can literally buy your followers like you would order take out and have a robust looking account within a few hours. The other option is to invest some time, energy and resources into developing a strategy and a few hours of work can build a robust following. Both options require money and a handful of hours.  Buying followers makes you look legit while building a strategy makes you actually legit.

We consistently work with clients who bought their followers and it never produces the results they wanted.  Instagram doesn’t reward the ## of followers, they reward the consistent engagement and activity of the followers.  We spend a large amount of man hours weeding through followers and undoing all of the mess.  

The other way requires a bit more up front and isn’t as immediately sexy or “rewarding” but is actually real and doesn’t require weeks of “unfollowing”.


The real way:

Strategy and creative

Develop a strategy with these main components

-Your Unique Value Proposition.  You’re more than what you sell, you offer the world something….this is the foundation of your strategy

-Your customer personas:  Who are they, what need do they have and what do they actually want

-Your solution.  How do you solve their needs/problem?



How do you use the creative to connect with your ideal audience?

Photography, video, copy, hashtags, frequency, time of day

Forget the stupid crap you see on Pinterest, know your audience, understand their day and post when they need/want it


Here’s the truth, not even the Genie from Aladdin can make someone fall in love with you, and he also can’t guarantee you 10k followers in 30 days.  A foundation of strategy gives you what you need to be on your way to building this type of following and even more.