Think like an Influencer

Six years ago, we barely knew what the word “influencer” meant and now, we’re either seeing them all over social media or trying to become one. In 2022, there are estimated to be over 500 THOUSAND influencer accounts which means, they’re doing something right. 


Influencers are some of the most successful accounts on social platforms so maybe it’s time to start thinking like one. 


Before influencers existed in the world of social media, it was all up to brands to promote their products. In today’s culture, brands leverage partnerships with influencers as a marketing tool to reach an audience beyond their existing customers and well, it works. Part of the reason this strategy is so successful is because influencers bring personality to the brand. 


Influencers aren’t paid actors, they are real people posting real content that isn’t curated with a stuffy corporate script or backdrop. They’re reaching a target audience using their own point of view from (quite literally) the comfort of their own home. 


Leveraging the idea of influencer marketing is one of the most strategic tools a brand can use as they strive to expand their reach and grow. So, how do you begin to think like an influencer?


Start with these four ideas:


    1. Bring personality to your marketing. Customers don’t connect with perfection, they engage with real content. By showcasing the personality behind your brand, it creates a relationship with your followers that feels as though they’re engaging with a friend they know as opposed to a corporate company using their platform as a billboard. Define your personality then own it through relatable video content, witty captions, and engaging stories. 
  • Share from your POV. Show behind-the-scenes content. Customers love feeling like they’re “in the know”. Peeling back the layers to showcase your brand builds connection with your audience who now feel as though they are part of your process. By giving followers this kind of access, it will evoke a sense of pride in the product they’re buying. 
  • Share stories and emotions. Social media is all about building a connection and one of the most powerful ways you can do this is through storytelling. Don’t just aim to sell the boots, sell the story behind where the boots take your customer. Followers connect with emotion and remember stories. 
  • Don’t make it perfect. Much like influencers creating and posting content from their phones, people want to see organic because it’s real. Keep your content professional but drop the idea that it has to be perfect in order to be effective. 


The reality is, influencers are doing something right. By thinking like one, your brand can start to build genuine connections that grow your audience and sell more products. Perfection is no longer the goal. Embrace storytelling, show the real “you” and engage with your customers like a person not a corporation.