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From 25+ years combined in the outdoor cooking industry the founders of LoCo Cookers best memories, toughest lessons, favorite stories and secret recipes were discovered sitting around tables. Cultivating great experiences is part of their DNA, which is why they focus on functionality and usability when developing their products. They cut the BS so you can cook faster and party longer. That’s the LoCo way.

The Results

Enough with the B.S.

“Our griddle campaign for LoCo Cookers”

David vs. Goliath..? When LoCo Cookers entered the griddle space, they picked up their (proverbial) sword and shield to prepare for battle with the big boys when launching their brand spanking-new Griddle!

After three years of R&D, they were ready to launch, but how were they going to make a splash in the already crowded market? After all, they were battling against top competitors such as Blackstone, Camp Chef, Cuisinart..It was about to get real.

Campfire loves a good challenge but we love LoCo even more. So, we did what we do best and got to work. We’ve always been a fan of going left when everyone else is going right and took that same approach for this product launch (our core Ecosystem element).  We realized that all of LoCo’s competitors sounded the same, looked the same and talked the same. So we went way off the grid(dle) in our strategy. 

We wanted to show their audience how easy their griddle was to use, but with an entertaining and engaging approach. We created and produced a five-part cooking series titled: 

“I’m single and I can’t cook”

We found the perfect host for the series, Joseph Sojourner, a smokin’ hot single 40-year-old dude who truly didn’t know how to cook. He was fresh off of hosting the Dude Perfect tour and ready for a change of pace.

Along the way, we teamed up with some of the top chefs and influencers in their space to “help” him learn how to cook and post those videos as a collaborator. This strategy TRIPLED their social media engagement in three months and the best part? LoCo led in the griddle category sales at Lowe’s! Badda-bing Badda-boom. That’s what we love to see. Goliath meets David 🤝 Blackstone meets LoCo 🤝.

We completed the product campaign with designing buyer landing pages, product photography, paid social strategy, and in-person events. If you’re impressed and want to see more insights, you can read the stats below!

Tripled social following
Over 800K views
Likes on Instagram
Comments on Instagram
Lead the category in overall sales at Lowes

Content Created


Campaign landing page: LocoCookers.com


Animation Spec Video

“I’m single and I can’t cook” Video series

Influencer Impact Strategy:

We found and created a relationship with 5 top influencers to shoot the above video campaign with:

Product photography: Studio & Environmental

Memphis in May event : 4 day live coverage and campaign conclusion

Launch Video Reels

I’m Single And I Can’t Cook

Episode 2 : Miguel Raya

Episode 3 : The Shed BBQ with Brooke and Brad

Episode 4 : Tank Jackson

Memphis In May

Beers With Brad

Beat Brooke

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Social Branding, Strategy, Audit



Social Branding, Campaign, Product Launch, Videography



Social Branding, Strategy, Audit


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