Rock the Boat

In the world of digital marketing, noise is abundant and attention is scarce. The beautiful thing about the internet is we have the ability to grow and reach a global audience. However, the issue is that every brand has the same access and competition exists beyond a local zip code. It’s no longer sustainable to […]

Keep Your Hands Off My Momma, Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos

October Article | Campfire from Campfire Social on Vimeo. We always love a challenge that gives us a problem to solve. So, here’s a good question. Which is better, a brand with a highly engaged following of 100, or a brand with a disengaged following of 100,000? When it comes to social media, a few […]

Don’t Put Your Cart Before Your Horse

When it comes to effective marketing, there is one key ingredient most brands and companies tend to forget if they want to be successful on social media.    If we break it down, social media seems simple.. Start an account Create content with videos and photos Post the content  Watch as comments, likes, and new […]

The One Person Your Brand Needs To Talk To

Can you remember the last time you talked WITH a customer one-on-one and not just ABOUT them in a strategy meeting? We can spend so much time building teams, hiring consultants, studying strategies, attending workshops, and brainstorming the most creative ideas to connect with our target audience but all of that is worth nothing if […]