Rock the Boat

In the world of digital marketing, noise is abundant and attention is scarce. The beautiful thing about the internet is we have the ability to grow and reach a global audience. However, the issue is that every brand has the same access and competition exists beyond a local zip code. It’s no longer sustainable to […]

Don’t Put Your Cart Before Your Horse

When it comes to effective marketing, there is one key ingredient most brands and companies tend to forget if they want to be successful on social media.    If we break it down, social media seems simple.. Start an account Create content with videos and photos Post the content  Watch as comments, likes, and new […]

Never Would We Ever

If you spend any amount of time on TikTok, you’ve probably seen the trend going around where professionals share the top five things they would never do after working in their prospective field. As a social media agency, we’ve been working with brands for years consulting them on the best (and worst) practices when it […]

The One Person Your Brand Needs To Talk To

Can you remember the last time you talked WITH a customer one-on-one and not just ABOUT them in a strategy meeting? We can spend so much time building teams, hiring consultants, studying strategies, attending workshops, and brainstorming the most creative ideas to connect with our target audience but all of that is worth nothing if […]

Think like an Influencer

Six years ago, we barely knew what the word “influencer” meant and now, we’re either seeing them all over social media or trying to become one. In 2022, there are estimated to be over 500 THOUSAND influencer accounts which means, they’re doing something right.    Influencers are some of the most successful accounts on social […]

How to get 10k followers in a month

The easiest way is to buy them.  That’s right, you can literally buy your followers like you would order take out and have a robust looking account within a few hours. The other option is to invest some time, energy and resources into developing a strategy and a few hours of work can build a […]

Choose Your [Video] Player

Choose your -video- player. We know that these days in social, video is king. Now the question is not, “Video or photo?” It’s, “TikTok or Reels?” If you’re doubling down on your video content production, which is no small feat, you want to make sure you’re sending it to the right venue. So is that […]

Build brand engagement in your sleep

Marketing is, in part, the art of attracting attention: a great photo, engaging video, or quippy line of copy can catch our eye for one shining instant. If within that instant, we have a strong emotional reaction to the interaction, it stays with us a little longer; or if it makes us feel nothing, it […]

Megaphones vs. Walkie-Talkies

Ads or social? Depends on what kind of conversation you’re trying to have. In ye olde days of B.S.M. (Before Social Media), your options for marketing and advertising were kind of limited. Mad Men ad men could pitch you creative ideas for print, TV, or radio spots– but once the copy hit the papers, the […]

The metrics of success

Assessing the impact behind the numbers. You’re likely familiar with the “vanity metrics” of social: how many likes on that post, how many followers did we gain this quarter, etc. But too often we focus on the numbers themselves and not the story behind them. And hey, if all that mattered were the numbers, buying […]

A great story is worth repeating.

Tap into the human inclination to share stories and you win more than just customers. “Have you seen that ad with…?” “I heard the funniest thing the other day!” “Did you read that article about…?” You know the feeling. You just saw, heard, or read something that made you laugh, cry, or gasp and now […]

The shifting sands of Instagram.

Leave yesterday’s strategy where it belongs: in the past. Remember when Instagram was nothing but pictures and captions in a chronological feed? Those simple days of pre-algorithmic social media feel long, long ago (and in a social network far, far away– anyone else remember a time before you knew what a hashtag was? We’re dating […]

Jamestown Properties + Ponce City Market

From a middling online performance to beautiful, robust accounts reflecting the true vibrancy of an Atlanta landmark: since Campfire Social took on the Ponce City Market social media program in July of 2016, we have grown the program by 123.32%. With 100% posting accuracy since inception, we have quadrupled their accounts and racked up hundreds of millions of views, comments, and engagement.

How do you measure the success of Social Media?

A quick Google search for “Key metrics for social media” will bring anything but clarity to this question.  Nearly every person who answers this question has a different answer.  Before we can get to what we should measure we must realize that there are some things that we cannot measure. Social media is less like […]

Which social media platform is the best?

The social media landscape grows and evolves consistently.  If you Google, “Which social platform is the best?” every article you read will say something different.  It quickly gets overwhelming and leaves us confused as to where we should invest our time, money and energy. So which platform is worth investing in?  Here’s the definitive answer… […]